Google for Education Certified Trainer

What is a GCT?

Google Certified Trainers (GCTs) are first, and foremost, professional educators. Their passion for integrating technology in the classroom has pushed beyond the walls of their own classrooms, into the rest of the school, and into the community beyond. Technology has the ability to transform education and GCTs are passionate advocates toward this goal. The training sessions and workshops provided make the 21st-century classroom accessible to all skill levels of participants and help technology reach its potential in each classroom.

The role of the GCT during a training session or workshop is not only to demonstrate the technology and help develop each participant’s skill set but also to instruct on the integration of the technology within the classroom. Although the teachers are the content specialists and the curricular connection is best left to them, the GCT will address specific integrations where appropriate. It is ultimately the goal of a GCT to:

  • To help teachers confront their fears about technology and adapt technology to fit their needs
  • Share their passion for technology with other teachers
  • Foster a training environment where teachers are willing to try something new
  • Challenge each participant to expand their use of technology in the classroom
  • Provide each participant with something tangible that can be used in their classroom