Scott Conway

Google for Education Trainer (ID# - 01208)

Google Educator - Level 1 & 2

Technology Integration Specialist

Scott is a Technology Integration Specialist for a public school district, where he provides professional development opportunities for teachers and school staff in the area of Google Apps and other areas of educational technology. With over a decade of experience using Google Apps in education and as a Google for Education Certified Trainer, Scott brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his role.

Prior to his current position, Scott was a 7th-grade Social Studies teacher for 12 years, where he not only delivered instruction but also wrote curriculum.

In addition to his educational background, Scott has owned and operated a residential computer repair business since 2006, giving him a comprehensive understanding of hardware, software, and the inner workings of computing devices.

If you are looking for specialized training in Google Apps or just consultation on its features, benefits, or implementation in your school district, please feel free to contact him.

Scott Conway

Trainer & Consultant

167 S Colman Road

Wolcott, CT 06716